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     Andrew Caple-Shaw is a courtroom skills instructor, actor, and licensed attorney. He has over 30 years of experience as a performer ranging from live Shakespeare to shows like The West Wing, Dexter, and NCIS.

     While working as an adjunct professor of law he began to experiment with the idea of training lawyers using actor training techniques rather than the traditional methods being used in most law schools. The results of that work led him to leave the practice of law and enter litigation consulting and attorney training full time.

     He went on to study under renowned courtroom communications and witness preparation expert Katherine James. He became the first new associate instructor to teach her firm's methods in nearly 40 years.

     He now teaches and lectures across the country in firms and for attorney trade associations. He also occasionally still appears in films and represents a small stable of clients in his home state of Tennessee.

"I was 8 years old when I worked my first professional acting job. From there on performing and training as a performer was my entire professional life. But there were so many times I knew I wanted more, both creatively and intellectually. First in college and then when I was helping lead the actors' unions. But it was a writers' strike in Hollywood and fear of not being able to work that finally drove me to law school.


I knew from the moment I prepared my first opening that this art form was what my entire professional and personal life had been building to.  I still serve on the board of a SAG local and I still do a movie now and then, but at my core I am an advocate. My purpose in life is to share that knowledge I spent the first half of my life acquiring. There is no greater high for me than empowering other advocates or empowering people to be their own advocate for justice."