Trial Fundamentals

March 01, 2018

A video series on courtroom movement, courtroom control, and how to create a clean record. Among the topics included in the series:

- How to move in evidence without drawing procedural objections.

- How to memorialize non-verbal courtroom occurrences in the record.

- How to impeach a witness.

- How to refresh a recollection.

Arguing Evidence

January 02, 2023

This video series focuses on strategies for arguing the various rules of evidence.  Which aspects of the rule should you focus on? What are some of the key words that should be emphasized?  The best part of this series is that the videos provide clear, memorizable scripts for various evidence situations so that when you see or hear a specific issue, you know exactly which tactics to pivot to. Special attention is paid to the most common objections, like 401, 403, 703, and the 800s.

Breaking Bull: Truth vs. Fiction in Trial Consulting

March 01, 2018

On September 20, 2016 the world of trial consulting was turned on its head when popular TV star Michael Weatherly premiered as fictional trial consultant Jason Bull. The wildly popular show put the field of trial consulting in the spotlight, amplifying a debate that on one side saw consultants as a massively unfair advantage and on the other side saw them as useless snake oil salesmen. How much of Bull is fact and how much is Hollywood... well, bull?


We interview some of America's top jury experts, psychologists, and trial scientists in an exploration of that question, one episode at a time to answer the question "Do you need a trial consultant and if so, when?"

Funny Lawyer Stuff

January 01, 2020

Most of these videos feature instructional commentary, making the insane depositions and other materials legitimately informational... but sometimes I don't get around to the commentary and sometimes there's not much to say beyond "This client/lawyer/judge is an idiot."

Student Skills & Mock Trial Basics

March 01, 2018

There's no better tool for learning courtroom practice than a competitive trial simulation. Commonly referred to as Mock Trial, most law schools and  surprising number of undergraduate institutions send programs to compete with other schools as a way to teach this important aspect of American democracy... and for bragging rights because this is America and my school has to beat your school. Videos in this series include:

- Mock Trial 101: What it is. What it isn't. Rules at each level.

- Housekeeping: Why we do it and ow to do it well.

- Impeachment: Mock Trial is Different Than Real Life

- Which videos to watch from the other Free Video series.

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