Rick and Morty: How NOT To Respond in Court

March 01, 2018



This is a hilarious, although REALLY offensive re-enactment of a transcript from an appearance by a pro-se litigant in Georgia.  The creators of the TV show Rick and Morty got a hold of and actual court transcript and decided to re-enact it word for word... and animate it. The video went viral.  Still, to not list it here would be criminal.

The lesson here is in keeping your cool and not getting baited This guy probably never thought it would happen to him. I'm hoping to find a judge who will do a commentary video on this one with me. If you know someone, feel free to send them to this site.

Worst Deposition Question Structure EVER? Or Worst Witness Ever?

March 01, 2018

You could do hours worth of dissection on this re-enactment from the New York Times Verbatim series.  They had actors bring to life real deposition transcripts with some generally hilarious results.  Was this a bad cross? Did this witness do a good or a bad job? I have some theories on how you can make the case one way or the other, but the one thing I know for sure is this: if the attorney had done a better job with the forms of his questions the whole thing would have turned out very different... and been a lot shorter. 

Prepare Your Witness... or Maybe Know When to Settle/Withdraw?

March 01, 2018

I can't wait to break this down with one of my colleagues who does witness prep.  Could this witness be saved? We will never know because we can't see what process the attorney used in prep.  There's a good chance he was a lost cause, but the fact the attorney didn't attempt to settle this or withdraw or fix it, one of the three, makes me wonder about the amount of work that went in to getting ready for this demo. There is no substitute for hard work and listening. 

The Texas Law Hawk!!!!

March 01, 2018

Brian Wilson was an upstart young solo with no real ad budget when he came up with the idea for an outrageous commercial. It went viral and his videos have collectively amassed millions of hits. The story of how he balanced the credibility he needed in his legal community with the need he had to get his name out there for clients is a fascinating look into the state of legal ethics in advertising during the age of social media. Or you can always just appreciate the video for the way it brings back memories of your days at late night hHungry Hungry Hippo parties.

Lil Wayne Gets Deposed. And So Does the Deposing Attorney Sort Of

January 01, 2020


The defunct website Grantland already did nAMAZING analysis of this so I don't plan on adding anything.  You can find the Grantland article at the link below.  The final score in Witness vs Deposing Attorney is really about a race to the bottom and who wins by losing that race. Although Lil Wayne does a great job early on identifying a poorly formed question.


Did I seriously just link through to a TMZ video? Questioning my life choices now...

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