Persuasion in the Age of Trump

Sometimes referred to as the "How to Reach the Trump Voter in Your Jury" talk, this short CLE incorporates some of the skills lessons from our live workshop into an examination of trends in bias and tribalism that have emerged in recent years, particularly during the 2016 Presidential cycle.


Participants are often shocked to find that the Make America Great Again judges and jurors aren't necessarily going to end up on the side you might think they would be on in a given court case.

The first video is just a fun, informational video I did with Philip Miller before Trump was even the nominee.  That video resulted in requests for a full lecture. The second video is an interview where I discuss that lecture.

Storytelling and the YouTube Brain

For professional entertainers, understanding the attention span of an audience, and keeping it, is an art form. Success brings wealth and immortality. Failure is a professional death sentence.

This talk takes a look at how humans have consumed stories over time, from cave-dwelling campfire stories to street performers to Shakespeare to The Bachelor. What techniques transcend all mediums? What techniques are tied to specific mediums?


The majority of the focus is on the modern age. The discussion focuses most heavily on two transitions: From the written word to TV and from the TV to on-demand media like social feeds and downloadable content.