What is "Trial Fundamentals"?

January 02, 2023

Stuff to know before you watch this video series.

Pre-Trial: A Brief Ritual for Before the Gavel Comes Down

March 01, 2018

One of the biggest problems lawyers face is a slow start.  This is especially true with younger attorneys.  Maybe you're getting your first shot at an examination as a 2nd chair.  Maybe it is your first solo jury trial. Maybe you're an old pro, master litigator and you still get nervous when facing a tough make-or-break motion hearing.  This video gives you a strategy and a routine for getting yourself centered, powering up your voice, and setting your breathing right., 

Memorization: How to Be a Badass By Memorizing a Few Simple Pages

March 01, 2018

Courtroom "Control" is an illusion. You can't control what unfolds in court. But you CAN control certain aspects of the process with preparation and practice. This video introduces you to the concept behind procedural script memorization. It gives you tools that will save you from having to recall certain words when you are on your feet.  The result? You get to focus on the unique and compelling argumentative words that will help you win.

Hands and Body in the Courtroom: What to do with 'em...

March 01, 2018

Everybody is an expert when it comes to body control. The internet is full of people who will tell you what to do with your body when speaking in public. Go to 3 different law schools and you'll get 3 different contradictory answers.  Even political consultants are confounded these days in light of recent biometric data regarding perceptions of movement by speakers. This video gives you our 2 cents on the question. It is specific to courtroom work. The Gist: Everybody is wrong. Even us.But if you understand how and why everyone is wrong, you're on the road to being right in your own individual way.

Moving in Evidence

March 01, 2018

A brief tutorial walking you through our script for entering evidence. This video not only gives you the script, but also a guide to the inflections necessary to project confidence in the evidence you are moving.

Let the Record Reflect: Language and Tactics for Preserving Non-Verbal Occurances in the Trial Record

March 01, 2018

"Your honor, let the record reflect I'm waving my hands around like a silly silly clown.Not like a scary IT clown. More of a circus clown. Like the kind that gets out of a clown car. Or makes balloon animals..."  This video helps you practice clean and persuasive language when it comes to record preservation and judicial deference.  

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